Discover the Best Yacht Clubs Around the World: Your Map Guide

Discover the Best Yacht Clubs Around the World: Your Map Guide

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Yacht clubs are more than just a place to dock your boat—they are communities of sailing enthusiasts, centers of social gatherings, and gateways to some of the most beautiful waters in the world. We've curated an initial list of the top 60 yacht clubs globally, and we need your help to expand this list to 100. Here is our initial list, complete with descriptions and links to each club's website, sorted by country.

United States

Grosse Pointe Yacht Club

  • Description: Known for its elegant clubhouse and active sailing program, offering a mix of social and boating activities.
  • Website: Grosse Pointe Yacht Club

Annapolis Yacht Club

  • Description: Located in the heart of the sailing capital of the United States, offers extensive sailing programs and social events.
  • Website: Annapolis Yacht Club

Chicago Yacht Club

  • Description: Renowned for its racing events and vibrant community with a prime location on Lake Michigan.
  • Website: Chicago Yacht Club

Savannah Yacht Club

  • Description: Known for its scenic location and active community, providing various boating and social events.
  • Website: Savannah Yacht Club

Pelican Isle Yacht Club

  • Description: Famous for its beautiful setting and offers a range of boating and social activities.
  • Website: Pelican Isle Yacht Club

Coral Ridge Yacht Club

  • Description: Features two marinas, tennis courts, and a fitness center in the "Venice of America," offering a comprehensive range of amenities.
  • Website: Coral Ridge Yacht Club

Southern Yacht Club

  • Description: One of the oldest yacht clubs in the United States, known for its rich history and active racing schedule.
  • Website: Southern Yacht Club

Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club

  • Description: Combines yachting and golfing, providing extensive marina facilities alongside a renowned golf course.
  • Website: Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club

Balboa Yacht Club

California Yacht Club

Coral Reef Yacht Club

Lauderdale Yacht Club

Naples Yacht Club

  • Description: Founded in 1947, known for its elegant dining.
  • Website: Naples Yacht Club

New York Yacht Club

  • Description: One of the oldest and most prestigious yacht clubs in the United States.
  • Website: New York Yacht Club

Palm Beach Yacht Club

San Diego Yacht Club

San Francisco Yacht Club

Sarasota Yacht Club

St. Francis Yacht Club

King Harbor / Redondo Beach Yacht Club


Cruising Yacht Club of Australia

Royal Perth Yacht Club

Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron

Royal Southern Yacht Club

Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron

Royal Vancouver Yacht Club

Royal Yacht Club of Victoria

Southport Yacht Club

Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club

Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron

United Kingdom

Royal Yacht Squadron


Marina Port Vell

  • Description: Located in bustling Barcelona, offering maritime luxury and urban excitement with amenities like dining and wellness centers.
  • Website: Marina Port Vell

Ibiza Magna

  • Description: Located at the city center.
  • Website: Ibiza Magna


Yacht Club de Monaco


Club de Yates Acapulco


Port de Saint Tropez

Cercle de la Voile de Paris


Royal Cork Yacht Club


Royal Danish Yacht Club

Hong Kong

Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club


Royal Langkawi Yacht Club

New Zealand

Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron


Grand Bahama Yacht Club


Marina Grande

  • Description: Accommodates yachts up to 60 meters.
  • Website: Marina Grande

Yacht Club Italiano

  • Description: One of Italy's most prestigious clubs, founded in 1879.
  • Website: Yacht Club Italiano

United Arab Emirates

Dubai Marina Yacht Club


The Royal Swedish Yacht Club


Yacht Club Argentino


Yacht Club Costa Smeralda


Royal Bermuda Yacht Club

Saudi Arabia

Jeddah Yacht Club and Marina


Royal Canadian Yacht Club

  • Description: Offers stunning views of the Toronto skyline and a vibrant sailing community, dating back to 1852.
  • Website: Royal Canadian Yacht Club


Royal Varuna Yacht Club

  • Description: Thailand's premier sailing institution, offering a range of sailing events.
  • Website: Royal Varuna Yacht Club


Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania

We invite you to help us expand this list to include 100 of the world's best yacht clubs. If you have suggestions for additional clubs, please share their names, descriptions, and websites in the comments below. Happy sailing!