Newport Beach Harbor

Newport Beach Harbor

Newport Beach Marina / Balboa Marina Vacant Boat Slips

Newport Beach, California, is renowned for its extensive coastline and vibrant boating culture. The city offers several marinas catering to a variety of boaters and water enthusiasts. Here are some notable marinas in Newport Beach:

Newport Harbor Yacht Club: Located in the heart of Newport Beach, Newport Harbor Yacht Club is a prestigious yacht club and marina. It provides a range of marina services for members, including boat slips, fueling stations, boat maintenance facilities, and dining options. The club offers a vibrant social scene and hosts various boating events and regattas.

Balboa Bay Resort Marina: Situated at the luxurious Balboa Bay Resort, the Balboa Bay Resort Marina provides dockage and amenities for both resort guests and visiting boaters. The marina offers slips for boats and yachts, fueling services, boat rentals, and access to resort facilities such as restaurants, a spa, and waterfront dining.

Newport Harbor Shipyard Marina: Located on Lido Peninsula, Newport Harbor Shipyard Marina is a full-service marina and boatyard. It offers boat slips, haul-out services, boat repairs, maintenance facilities, and on-site marine services. The marina caters to a range of vessels, including powerboats and sailboats.

Newport Dunes Marina: Situated along the Back Bay of Newport Beach, Newport Dunes Marina offers a picturesque setting and a range of amenities. It provides boat slips, fuel docks, boat rentals, and watercraft storage. The marina is part of the Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort, which features a beach, recreational activities, dining options, and RV camping facilities.

Newport Sea Base: Newport Sea Base is a community sailing and boating center that offers programs for youth and adults. It provides boat rentals, sailing lessons, and a small marina for visiting boats. Newport Sea Base focuses on promoting boating education and water sports activities.

These are just a few examples of marinas in Newport Beach, each offering unique services and experiences. Newport Beach's marinas provide access to the stunning Newport Harbor, the Pacific Ocean, and the vibrant coastal lifestyle of Southern California.

Duffy boats are what makes Newport Beach special.  Here is how to rent one. 

Duffy boats are popular electric-powered vessels that are commonly rented for leisurely cruises and exploring the waterways of Newport Beach, California. Here is some information about Duffy boat rentals in Newport Beach:

Duffy Electric Boat Company: The Duffy Electric Boat Company is one of the primary providers of Duffy boat rentals in Newport Beach. They offer a fleet of electric-powered boats that can accommodate varying group sizes, typically ranging from 8 to 12 passengers. These boats are known for their quiet operation and easy maneuverability. The Duffy Electric Boat Company is located at 2001 West Coast Highway in Newport Beach.

Newport Fun Tours: Newport Fun Tours is another reputable company that offers Duffy boat rentals in Newport Beach. They provide a range of rental options, including hourly and daily rates, for different-sized Duffy boats. Newport Fun Tours is located at 2901 West Coast Highway in Newport Beach and also offers additional recreational activities such as kayak and paddleboard rentals.

Marina Boat Rentals: Marina Boat Rentals is another option for Duffy boat rentals in Newport Beach. They have a selection of Duffy boats available for rent, allowing visitors to explore the scenic Newport Harbor and surrounding waterways. Marina Boat Rentals is located at 600 E. Edgewater Avenue in Newport Beach.

Duffy boats provide a relaxed and eco-friendly way to enjoy the beautiful waterways of Newport Beach and create memorable experiences with family and friends.