Private Boat Slips For Rent Near Me

Private Boat Slips For Rent Near Me

Search Map For Available Private Boat Slips & Boats for Sale Near You
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If you would like to add a new available boat slip to the map click on the + in the upper right corner of the map.  Here is an image of the screen you should see after you click on the +.   This map was designed to give private boat slip owners the ability to rent their boat slips similar to VRBO but we don't charge any fees.  

The next step is to add a location to the map. 
  1. Add a name for your private boat slip or marina
  2. Type in the address of the location
  3. If no address is available you can click on the map to select a location that will give you a latitude and longitude. 
  4. Select the type of lease available.  Here are the categories (Marina, Open Lease, Rent Slip, Moorings, Slip for Sale, Sublease Wanted, Liveaboard, Private, Boat for Sale, Snag-a-Slip, Storage).  Please let us know if you have any other category suggestions. 
How to add new private boat slip to map

How to Search & Post Boat Slip Costs Availability

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