Marinas Located Near Charleston, South Carolina

Marinas Located Near Charleston, South Carolina

There are several marinas located near Charleston, South Carolina. Here are some popular marinas in the area next to the Atlantic Ocean:

Charleston City Marina: Located in downtown Charleston, it is one of the largest marinas in South Carolina. It offers a variety of amenities and services for boaters.

Patriots Point Marina: Situated in Mount Pleasant, just across the Cooper River from Charleston, this marina provides stunning views of the Charleston skyline. It is part of the Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum complex.

Shem Creek Marina: Located in Mount Pleasant, this marina is situated along the picturesque Shem Creek. It offers easy access to the Intracoastal Waterway and is known for its lively atmosphere and seafood restaurants.

St. Johns Yacht Harbor: Found on Johns Island, this marina offers a peaceful setting surrounded by marshlands and beautiful views. It provides a full range of amenities and services for boaters.

Bohicket Marina: Situated on Seabrook Island, approximately 23 miles southwest of Charleston, this marina is nestled in a scenic area with a small-town charm. It offers a tranquil setting and access to Bohicket Creek.

These are just a few examples of marinas near Charleston. See our maps to find smaller marinas and boatyards in the area as well.

What rivers are in Charleston, South Carolina?

Charleston, South Carolina is known for its beautiful waterways, including rivers. Here are some rivers in and around Charleston:

Ashley River: The Ashley River is one of the main rivers in the Charleston area. It begins in the Midlands of South Carolina and flows approximately 30 miles southeast before merging with the Cooper River in Charleston Harbor. The Ashley River is known for its historic plantations, including Middleton Place and Drayton Hall.

Cooper River: The Cooper River is another significant river in the Charleston region. It forms part of the boundary between Charleston and Berkeley counties and merges with the Ashley River in Charleston Harbor. The Cooper River is notable for its role in maritime history and is home to the Port of Charleston.

Wando River: The Wando River is located northeast of Charleston and flows through Mount Pleasant. It is an important waterway for recreational boating and fishing and provides access to the Intracoastal Waterway. The Wando River is known for its scenic beauty and waterfront communities.

Stono River: The Stono River is located southwest of Charleston and forms part of the boundary between Charleston and Johns Island. It flows into the Atlantic Ocean near Kiawah Island. The Stono River is popular for boating, fishing, and enjoying nature, with its marshes and tidal creeks.

These are some of the prominent rivers in and around Charleston, but there are also smaller creeks and waterways that add to the area's natural beauty and recreational opportunities.

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