Sailing and 5 Other Adventures to Try in Antigua and Barbuda

Sailing and 5 Other Adventures to Try in Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda is well-known among tourists and high-net-worth individuals for its beautiful islands and citizenship by investment program.

But besides a straightforward Antigua citizenship application and other practical advantages, there are plenty of other reasons for people to visit and choose to live in this twin-island nation in the Caribbean. One of them is the many adventures it offers.

As an archipelago, the country is filled with aquatic and land-based wonders every nature lover would love. Sailors and yacht owners also frequent the country because it has an ideal environment for cruising.

Planning an adventure? Here are six activities you can look forward to in Antigua and Barbuda:

1. Sailing

Antigua and Barbuda, a twin-island nation which is part of the Leeward Islands, is a great place to experience trade winds that make hours of sailing a breeze for both seasoned and novice sailors.

Its long coastline comes with plenty of beautiful and secluded small bays and coves, all adorned with pure white sand and lapped by clear azure water. It is home to the many exotic marine animals and natural coral reefs that the Caribbean is known for.

Whether you have a yacht of your own or decide to go on a bareboat charter, you can enjoy the best of what Antigua and Barbuda offers. Travel across the Caribbean Sea with dolphins, turtles, and frigate birds or discover hidden gems as you sail further afield to its sister island, Barbuda.

Of course, before you go there, you must first do your homework and learn the best anchorages on the main island of Antigua.

Cades Reef

Known for its calm waters, the Cades Reef along the south coast of Antigua is famous among sailors because of its sheltered mooring. Besides serving as a comfortable mooring site, it is also home to two majestic reefs – the Cades Reef and the Middle Reef. Both are covered with vast corals, making them excellent places for underwater exploration.

Dickenson Bay

Another popular anchorage in Antigua is Dickenson Bay. To reach this mooring area, you can approach Weatherills Point and steadily move ahead with many adventures on the island.

During the day, you can partake in a few water sports such as windsurfing and jet skiing. Once you’ve had your fill of water activities, you can head ashore for land-based adventures like hiking and horseback riding. 

In the evening, you can visit restaurants and clubs near the beach where you can enjoy quality time with friends while relishing in Antiguan culture and cuisine.

2. Snorkeling and Diving

While you’re on a cruise in Antigua and Barbuda, take the chance to experience the azure seas and its inhabitants up close through snorkeling and diving. Offering access to both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, you can get up close and personal to many species of marine animals and appreciate the well-preserved coral reefs.

Aside from being a sailors’ favorite anchorage, the Cades Reef is also a popular tourist spot, especially among novice divers, as it stretches several miles while maintaining an approachable depth. But natural wonders aren’t the only thing you’ll see here; you can also go wreck-diving and explore over 127 documented shipwrecks just off the shore.

3. Stand-up Paddle Boarding and Kayaking

Once you’re done swimming with fishes and exploring the coral reefs and shipwrecks, it may be high time to explore other water sports like stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking.

Paddle through protected sites where mangrove trees thrive and take the opportunity to explore the preserved ecosystem surrounding the islands. Aside from serving as a home to many animals, the mangroves are also crucial in keeping the coral reef vibrant and healthy while offering protection from storms.

As you paddle or kayak through these spots, you may also get a chance to see glorious creatures, like starfishes, sea turtles, colorful species of fish, and many other marine animals.

4. Ziplining

Want to try swinging across the jungle like Tarzan? You can do it in Antigua safely via zipline tours.

You can choose from among several tours and plenty more different courses within each one, including a 45-minute zipline tour and a two-and-a-half-hour full canopy tour.

You can also opt for the full tour and work your way through all the zip-line obstacle courses. Some have even incorporated pirate-themed challenges, from simple wooden plank bridges and rope swings to an exhilarating 328-foot-long zipline that can make even “grown men scream like little girls.”

5. Swim with Stingrays

While many things await you in Antigua, only a few are as memorable and unique as the opportunity to hug and play with a stingray.

Although they may not look like it, these sea creatures are actually quite playful and very friendly. In fact, they seem to be drawn to people and are far from being shy. When they glide underwater – often unnoticed – and get close to you, you can pet them or feed them.

And, thanks to the crystal-clear waters that let you see straight through the ocean floor, you can also watch them bury themselves in the sand. Found in both tropical and subtropical waters, Southern rays can be considered as the “puppies” of the ocean because of their love for attention.

6. Deep-Sea Fishing

Your Antigua cruise won’t be complete unless you try fishing. In fact, this is considered one of the most popular adventures when tourists decide to visit Antigua and Barbuda. If they have tried it, why won’t you?

Go out on an excursion into the Caribbean waters, cast a line or two, and get a chance to reel in native fish like mahi-mahi, tuna, kingfish, barracuda, and plenty more other species you can have for dinner. 

Take note, however, that these creatures won’t go down without a fight, so you have to be ready for one of the most exciting fishing adventures you’ll ever have in your lifetime.

The best part is, you can do deep-sea fishing all year round. This means you can try this wonderful experience even with your hectic schedule if you become an economic citizen of Antigua and Barbuda.

Choose Your Next Adventure

Antigua tax, investment opportunities, and other financial benefits aside, there are still many good reasons for you to choose the twin-island nation as your second home. Consider the attractions listed here as you seek not only second citizenship but also your next adventure.


Abire Mansoor is a Director and Licensed Agent at Citizens International, a white-glove specialist firm offering private client services necessary for citizenship, residency and investment into the Caribbean, North America, and Europe. Based in her home country of Antigua & Barbuda, she is an experienced consultant who works directly with many professional partners and advises clients worldwide.