Rio de Janiero, Brazil Marinas

Rio de Janiero, Brazil Marinas

Map of marinas in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.  Find available boat slips.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, known for its stunning coastline and vibrant waterfront, offers several marinas catering to boating enthusiasts. Here are some notable marinas in Rio de Janeiro:

Marina da Glória: Located in the neighborhood of Glória, Marina da Glória is one of the most well-known marinas in Rio de Janeiro. It offers berthing facilities for a wide range of vessels, including yachts and sailboats. The marina is situated near downtown Rio de Janeiro and provides easy access to popular attractions such as Sugarloaf Mountain and the historic district.

Marina da Barra: Situated in Barra da Tijuca, Marina da Barra is one of the largest marinas in Rio de Janeiro. It offers a significant number of slips and accommodates both powerboats and sailboats. The marina provides amenities such as fueling stations, boat maintenance services, restaurants, and shops. It is located in a beautiful area with access to the beaches of Barra da Tijuca.

Iate Clube do Rio de Janeiro: The Iate Clube do Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro Yacht Club) is a renowned yacht club and marina located in Urca, near the iconic Sugarloaf Mountain. It offers marina services for members and visiting yachts. The club hosts various sailing events and provides facilities such as a clubhouse, dining options, and social activities for its members.

Marina da Glória - Píer Mauá: Adjacent to the main Marina da Glória, Píer Mauá is a modern marina facility that offers berths for larger yachts and superyachts. It provides upscale amenities and services, including exclusive lounges, concierge services, fine dining options, and access to events and exhibitions held at Píer Mauá, such as art and culture festivals.

These are just a few examples of marinas in Rio de Janeiro, each offering unique features and services. The marinas in Rio de Janeiro provide opportunities for boating, water sports, and access to the city's vibrant coastal lifestyle.