What Do Waterfront Construction Companies Do?

With a colossal one billion people (that’s over one-seventh of the world’s population) worldwide living in coastal areas, the need for our waterfronts to be well-protected is startlingly clear.
But who is responsible for providing this protection? This is where marine construction companies come in. These companies deal with all sorts of waterfront-related builds, including constructing sea and river defenses such as sea walls to protect homes and businesses at direct threat from the world’s ever-changing and unpredictable waterlines. They may also construct things like quays, floating marinas, bulkheads, docks, ships, or boathouses, depending on demand and what areas they specialize in.
The construction of waterfront defenses is undoubtedly one of the most important roles of marine construction companies, and with the unfortunate rise of climate change, this is only becoming more important. You only need to look at some recent climate catastrophes to recognize the importance of being fully prepared for the world’s unpredictable weather conditions.
When the US coastline was hit by hurricane Bill back in 2009, the waterfront damage was huge and widespread. Coastal damage was severe on Long Island, and North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware were struck by waves averaging a whopping 8-10 feet. Even beaches that were up to 600-miles away from the hurricane were affected by strong rip currents and huge waves. These facts prove with clarity the importance of effective coastal defenses, not only to protect properties from damage but for the safety of residents worldwide.
With natural disasters becoming ever more prominent, this is a particularly relevant and pressing concern for many people who reside in waterfront areas. The predicted increase in rainfall will likely cause more frequent instances of catastrophic river flooding. It has also been predicted that sea levels could even rise by 1.1m by the year 2100.
And, crucially, those people who do live in waterfront areas are likely to be willing to pay for effective defenses for their homes. For example, almost 72% of high-income households in the US live near the coast. For those who have invested in properties very close to the shoreline, a river, a lake, or another body of water, investing in essential protections will often be a no-brainer.
What’s more, waterfront areas are home to a range of businesses such as hotels and resorts, golf clubs, and holiday cottages – to protect these is to protect someone’s income, which is well worth the one-off expense.
The combination of the rise of climate change and the wealth of waterfront residents and businesses creates an ideal environment for new marine construction companies. By launching your business in 2020, your company will be able to provide people with the peace of mind that their home or livelihood is well protected from the world’s increasingly unpredictable climate.