How to Post A Boat Slip

How to Post A Boat Slip

Sample Lease / Sublease Post To Map Long Beach

We are trying to see if there is an audience to build a map marketplace where boat owners & marinas can buy, sell, trade, swap, rent boat slips It is a mobile-friendly map that does not require a download.

Here is a simple way boat owners and/or marinas can post sublease opportunities directly to our map.  We continually hear about marinas having a sublease program but the common complaint is that they don't communicate or broadcast the availability of these subleases effectively.  We are hopeful that marinas and owners will use this map to post available inventory.

We are asking marinas and boat owners to post slips for lease, sublease, or rent. Think of it as a Craigslist, VRBO, Airbnb map. Here are two screenshots of how to post your slip to the map.

Click on the Map Directly to Specific Slip Location

Fill Out The Details of the Boat Slip and How to Get in Contact With You

We realize that marinas probably won't like (swap or sublease) but I think it's something that the boat consumer wants to be more mobile with boats. Will have to find a way to work with marinas to get their approval if it get traction.

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